About our Jewelry

What is it made out of?

Our jewelry is made from as many natural materials as we can find!

The bracelets are made from all natural stones, minerals, seashells, wood, coconut shell and lava rock, and recycled glass. Some pieces include polymer clay heishi beads. All bracelets are finished with Czech glass.

All gold and silver jewelry is made from 4/20 gold-filled and .925 sterling silver.

How long will it last?

We expect your jewelry to last forever! If you care for it well, you should be able to enjoy it for decades to come. Should something happen to your jewelry, however, just let us know and we’ll work something out!

How do I take care of my jewelry?

We take the most care to make sure that your Essenshell jewelry last for years. Wear it every day, bring it on your vacations, and enjoy it. 

All Essenshell bracelets are meant to be lived in! We have worked, slept, showered, tanned, and even surfed in our bracelets for years, and they are still holding up. 

We make all of our jewelry with the best quality materials that we can find! There is always a chance, however, that the organic nature of the materials could cause them to crack or break. If this happens, don’t worry! Simply gather all of the beads/cord from your jewelry and send them back to us - we’ll restring or fix your jewelry right away, free of charge!

Take care in exposing some of your jewelry to water. The minerals/chemicals in tap water, pools, saunas, beaches, etc. could cause gold and silver jewelry to oxidize. Just make sure to rinse it off with clean water if you’ve gotten chlorine or salt water on it! 

It is also a good idea to avoid spraying oils or perfume directly on metal jewelry (yes, tanning products included). Your bracelets however, especially those with wood or lava beads, are meant to hold essential oils or perfume - spray away!

Some precious metal pieces have soldered elements that could tarnish and turn a darker color. Just take a few swipes with a polishing cloth and this should clear right up.

If your jewelry needs repair, please email us at or DM us on Instagram and we’ll get it sorted right away!

Can I wear it to workout? Or in the ocean?

Totally! Just be mindful of your jewelry coming in contact with any forces that may damage it - weights, pressure, strong currents, pulls or tugs, etc. We can’t ensure that it will last through anything and everything, but we can promise that it will hold up through regular wear and tear. You may also want to rinse your jewelry, especially the precious metal pieces, with clean water if it has come in contact with sweat, salt, or anything else that may tarnish the metal.

Is every piece identical?

Nope! Each design is made the same with the same patterns in mind, but since they are made with natural elements, they’re all a little bit different. This actually allows pieces from different collections to coordinate really well with each other! Stones, wood, and shells tend to vary in size, texture, and color, even if they are from the same element.  We think this is really special - every Essenshell piece you have is totally one of a kind.

About Essenshell

Is Essenshell eco-friendly?

YES! As much as we can and as often as we can, we use and reuse eco-friendly products and sustainable practices in our business. Each step we take going forward is made with our carbon footprint in mind. We want to limit the amount of waste that we create as a company, so we use existing & leftover supplies and post-consumer products as much as possible.

Thoughtful Decisions All of the materials that go into making, selling, and packing jewelry are very thoughtfully chosen. We pack your orders in reusable, unbleached organic cotton bags so that we don’t have to use single-use poly bags. We’ve limited the size of our retail tags to reduce single-use paper and plastic. We send your packing slips via email instead of including them in your online package to save a little paper. We use various paper and craft supplies we already have instead of buying new supplies. We might use gift bags that we had leftover from an earlier project, so that they don’t go to waste. We might suggest a text or email receipt at our pop-up sales. And we would love to encourage you to reuse any and all of our packaging as much as you can too!

Recycled Packaging All of our online orders are packed as conciously as possible. We often reuse shipping materials, including wrapping, shredding, labels, and boxes. If your order comes in a box that looks like it has been reused, that’s because it has! If the crinkle paper in your order looks like it’s household paper waste that we shredded, that’s because it is!

Responsible Printing All of our printed products are printed one of two ways: at home, using paper and materials that we already have to reduce waste, or through a carbon-neutral print service that uses eco-friendly practices and post-consumer products.

With every decision we make, we are grateful for your understanding and participation in these efforts!

Where in the world are you located?

All of our jewelry is made at home near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and tested at beaches coast to coast!

Have you actually been to all of these beaches?

Yep! Each collection is inspired by a beach that one of our team members (i.e. Shelly or Mackenzie) has visited and loved!

Can I be a brand ambassador?

Um, YES we would love that. Send us an email or shoot us a DM and we'll talk!!